Green1 Technologies is a company that creates and supplies electronic telemetry systems to assist industries

EDD’s telemetry systems mean that it is very easy to calibrate for any catchment size or chemical dose rates.
The monitoring system means that there is less maintenance or any requirement to check the ponds and the feedback system allows for easy management.

This new device is designed for dewatering systems. The inline dosing device is simple to use and is attached to the pump line for dewatering. It is flow activated and is triggered when water passes through a flow meter. It then calculates the rate of flocculent to deliver against a predetermined dose rate.

A new & innovative device designed to control and minimise discharges within the property boundary of your worksite using an automated sprinkler system. The primary function of the unit is to monitor wind conditions and activate a low pressure K-line sprinkler system on a predetermined wind speed.

This unit can control pH & turbidity through its dosing system. It is portable, compact and easily transportable among different sites. The unit can run on 240 AC or it can be fully solar powered with 12v dc battery. The Unit can be scaled to any size or it can be modularized according to your requirement.

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Green1 Technologies is a company that creates and supplies electronic systems to assist industries involved in construction, mining or where water quality or dust is an issue. It also has equipment that can remotely monitor sites and is able to purpose build equipment for specific needs.

It uses telemetry to send data to a web site or mobile phone app so that our clients can receive real time information and can change settings remotely. Alerts can be sent by txt message if sudden events occur that trigger preset levels.