“For customised, fully automated, accurate monitoring solutions.”

Green1 Technologies Ltd. is the first company in New Zealand to develop an automated solution for on-site water treatment to ensure a pollution-free environment. Our product range is designed by highly specialized mechatronics engineers catering for all needs. Our user friendly, custom-made products provide solutions which meet New Zealand’s environmental legislation. All our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD) is a solar powered, flow activated flocculant delivery system which can accurately and efficiently dose sediment retention ponds (SRPs). The system is very easy to calibrate for any catchment size or dose rate and uses telemetry to transmit live data to website or smartphone.

Inline Dosing Device(IDD) is designed for dewatering systems. It’s simple to use and is attached to the pump line. The system is flow activated and is triggered when water passes through a flow meter. All the data is monitored through telemetry. It’s a stand-alone system with a solar panel to charge the batteries.

The Auto Dust Suppressor (ADS) is an innovative device designed to control and minimise dust discharges within the property boundary of the worksite using an automated sprinkler system. It is a solar powered, versatile and adaptable product which can be activated by wind speed, wind direction, vehicle movement, timer, manual override and wireless remote control.

Concrete Wash Unit (CWU) is a fully automated dosing system designed to deal with high pH levels in concrete wash from work carried out on construction sites.  This system is economical, reliable and uses telemetry to monitor and record live updates to maintain pH levels and turbidity on site. Depending on the system size it can be fully solar powered with 12volt DC battery or run on a normal power supply.

Truck Wash Unit (TWU) eliminates the hassle of cleaning trucks manually before you leave a site. TWU uses an array of pressure washers at various angles to remove potential contaminants from vehicles before moving on to the next site, this reduces the environmental impact by avoiding cross-contamination on work-sites.

Green1 offers a varied range of services to our clients.

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Our electronic systems assist industries involved in construction, roading and mining or anywhere that water quality or dust are of concern. Our automated systems allow for remote monitoring and control and we are able to purpose build automated systems and equipment for specific needs.

All our devices are solar powered and can also be connected to back-up batteries to perform after sundown. Site conditions can be monitored using telemetry and parameters can be remotely adjusted to meet the site requirements. Information from our systems can be accessed from any location with a minimum requirement of a smartphone or a computer.