TWU pic

Truck Wash Unit ( TWU)

Truck Wash Unit eliminates the hassle of cleaning trucks manually before you leave a site.
TWU uses an array of pressure washers at various angles to remove potential contaminants from vehicles before moving on to the next site, this reduces the environmental impact by avoiding cross-contamination on work-sites.

The unit is a modular portable system intended for easy set up reducing costs by adding mobility and saving labour. The unit uses pods that contain spray jets that are set to the areas of the vehicle that need washing. These spray jets are easily replaceable in case of any damage. The unit is solar powered and does not need an external power source.


The vehicle passes through a sensor that turns the unit on, allowing mains pressure water to spray the vehicle as it slowly moves through the water stream.  If mains pressure water is not available, a water holding tank would need to be installed on site.

Once the vehicle passes the sensor the unit will shut down.

The unit is placed on a rock pad that allows water to run through it. The sloped pad is set up with fabric underneath so that water flows to a catchment area off to the side of the system which can either be treated further or dealt with separately.

  • Portable for easy placement around the site entry/exit. 
  • Easy replacement of parts in case of damage
  • Movement activated saving water consumption
  • Solar powered and can also work on pumps
  • Customised as per requirement