Inline dosing device

Inline Dosing Device (IDD)

Inline Dosing Device is designed for dewatering systems. It’s simple to use and is attached to the pump line. The system is flow activated and is triggered when water passes through a flow meter. It then calculates the rate of flocculant to deliver against a predetermined dose rate. The system delivers the precise quantity of flocculant, no matter how inconsistent the flow rate may be.

It’s a stand-alone system with a solar panel to charge the batteries. The system works perfectly in daylights hours and is capable of running after sundown by attaching a power supply to the pump. The system allows transmission of data to a web site as well as measuring water quality parameters such as turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and TSS. The controls are easy to set up and use and are fully designed for field use. The unit comes in a polyethylene box and can be anchored to the ground taking up minimal area.

This system is designed to deliver any liquid chemical in to a water source so has multiple uses out in the field for example it can alter the pH of concrete wash water by dosing an acidic solution.

  • Flow activated system for effective and efficient dewatering
  • Highly accurate dosing rate
  • Simple to set up and easy to regulate for field use
  • Attachable to any pump size
  • Uses telemetry to monitor: turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, TSS and other customised parameters as per requirement
  • Low maintenance cost – saving labour and time due to continuous monitoring

Can monitor:




Dissolved oxygen

Other parameters